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Bridge the gap and let your business grow all over the world

Interpreting happens when the spoken word is relayed from one language to another. In practical terms, you can interpret a speech, a debate, and/or a conversation. If you’re looking for someone who can assist you with a multilingual conference or a business meeting with a foreign delegation you’re organising, then you definitely need an interpreter.​

As a professional Italian-English interpreter, I am trained in the specific note-taking technique used for consecutive interpreting and in the simultaneous techniques needed at conferences and big events. This training focusses on active listening, multitasking, splitting my attention between listening and talking, public speaking, quick vocabulary, and terminology recall as well as memory retention.

Under my brand FSL Language Solutions, I offer the complete range of interpreting modalities from English and Spanish into Italian and from Italian into English:



  • Liaison: usually used in one-to-one meetings, allows for a quick conversation flow that will not disrupt or make your meeting lengthy.


  • Consecutive: this service entails the use of the note-taking technique. The speaker is free to talk to the audience for longer periods of time (usually around 6 minutes) in order to make a presentation or express an idea. At the end of every section, the interpreter will render the speech using the notes as a support. 


  • Chuchotage: from the French for "whispering", this service suits best individuals or very small groups. The interpreter whispers the translation to the clients standing or seating next to them.


  • Simultaneous: this is the most famous and used form of interpreting. It gained visibility thanks to its employment in the EU institutions and it is now used during multilingual conferences or larger meetings. The interpreter usually works with a partner in soundproof booths.



In order to offer a cutting edge and tailored service to my client, I recently started expanding into the remote market and I now offer my interpreting services also through remote interpreting platforms.


If you have any doubts about which interpreting service, in person or remote, suits your needs best or need further information to find your Italian interpreter and translator just ask




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