About me

Who's behind FSL Language Solutions - Keep reading to discover what I offer, what people say about my work and a bit more about me!

What I can do for you and how


Thanks to years of professional trade, I can manage my workflow efficiently, estimating precisely how long I will spend on a project. Moreover, I have learnt how to shift projects around to fit incoming ones,respecting all deadlines. I also use dedicated software to process files and ensure quality.


You can trust me, I know how to take care of your project.




Between the dedicated training I received and the experience I have accumulated as a professional, I can offer expert and flawless interpretation: it's not about word for word translation, it's about the ideas and the message you want to communicate.


You can trust me, I know what I am doing.


Every time I translate or interpret, I carry out extensive research, widening my subject-specific knowledge for each project. Over the years, I have developed a solid base of general knowledge, created comprehensive glossaries and 
familiarised myself with the specific terminology of many sectors.


You can trust me, I know what I am talking about.


"We've used Lara Fasoli several times as a translator, as well as a simultaneous interpreter, to provide both translation and interpretation services

to some of our clients. Her work is excellent, her approach is flexible, and we keep getting really good feedback from all the work she has done. 

Whenever we need a good Italian <> English translator or a simultaneous interpreter, we contact Lara first. Highly recommended."

— Translation and Interpreting in London Ltd, Ruswel  

My name is Lara Fasoli and I am the founder of FSL Language Solutions. Since 2016, I have been working as an interpreter in the UK for the public sector, private companies and direct clients. My fields of expertise are international relations and affairs, migration, food and wine, marketing, fashion, sports and gaming, with a strong emphasis on football, tennis, American sports and martial arts. I also specialise in tourism, technology, betting and wellness.